Jah Red Lion EP cover

This is an outstanding debut for the Chilean singer now based in New Zealand.  Two heavyweight local producers collaborated on these rhythms which were recorded and arranged by Iron Will at ‘Riddim Central’ in Auckland, and then mixed and mastered by Messenjah at ‘Reality Chant’ in Christchurch.

The EP format is just perfect for these five songs as they are all strong and there was no necessity to fill up an album with other perhaps weaker tunes.

Highlights are Burn Vampires and Free Ganja Plantation, both of which have previously stood out as live anthems from performances with The Iron Hammers band.  Jah Red’s Chilean compatriate Anbless Nabi also features on Fire I Blaze, with their voices complementing each other well.  Watch out for the Anbless album, Fountain Of Life, also dropping soon.  Sweet Lady is a smooth love song, with Ilumina being the only track sung in Spanish and is all about the children.

There are touches of auto-tune used on here, but it is used sparingly, allowing Jah Red’s natural singing voice to shine through.  The rhythms are tough and rootsy with top level production values as you might expect from those involved.

All up, this is a solid package and a great introduction to a new artist on the local scene.  Jah Red Lion is a conscious Rasta singer who I expect we will hear plenty more from in the future.

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