In the life and times of a record collector, you sometimes end up with these strange anomalies which have nothing to do with you looking for records, but that end up with you bagging a serious tune from out of the blue!

Recently, in what started off as a random conversation the wife was having with a friend about childcare, ended up with her coming home with some records! One of them was Midnight Blue by Joanna Law.

I did not know this record until it came into the household, now it is hardly off the turntable. It is a modern day lovers rock tune with an old school feel, reminiscent to those golden era, lovers rock classics of the mid-to-late-70s. With a dance music icon singing a sweet song over a steady one drop lovers riddim.

Joanna Law is known for making dance music, her tunes ‘First Time’ and ‘Love Is Not Enough’ brought her to fame in 1990. This tune was released in 2012 and did not do much on its initial release. Recently it has been getting a few spins on pirate radio and the underground London lovers rock scene too, so it is now starting to get a bit of exposure, thanks to a random bit of luck.


Mark Professor, (Wreck It Up Crew/ Stereocity Sound/ Soca Saga Boys/ The Reference Library, London)