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Oozing optimism over a smooth melody and rhythm section, Kelvin Judah’s “Soon Come” is a poignant plea for ‘peace and harmony.’ That said, the video’s mixture of recording studio footage with traditional Rastafarian images as well as stark street protests acknowledges that such a goal is certainly a complex matter.

Led by a comforting horn line, this self-ascribed take on the African Love Dub genre successfully sounds both fresh and vintage. Foundation Sound’s production work creates a mellow yet rich tapestry for Kelvin Judah’s full tenor, which dominates the track in all the right ways.

“Soon Dub” lets the vocals lead for the intro, a sparse interpretation that creates a nice sense of tension. Then the dubwise vibes and effects move in, taking control and letting the bass dominate amidst the echoing skanks. This is a big dub that should not be overlooked, especially when Kelvin’s Judah’s vocal returns to counterbalance the low-end.

Out now, Bandcamp has both the digital and 7”. Make sure to also check out the recently released “Lonely Girl” featuring Skari. Accompanied by a funky dub cut, it brings a far more romantic edge, naturally.

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