(CHM Supersound, April 2018)

I know a bit about Papua New Guinea (PNG). I went to boarding school with a lot of guys that were from there. They used to bring Chinese treats back with them after school holidays, preserved dried ginger and salted plums. I still hunt for them these days. I learnt about chewing beetle nut and the beauty of the island. I always wanted to visit there as a kid.

One thing I hadn’t heard from PNG was reggae music. And why shouldn’t PNG produce reggae music, we do here in New Zealand and so do so many other Pacific Island nations. It’s a mainstay in this part of the world, you just have to read about the reception Bob Marley received when he toured this part of the world. We go crazy for it.

Kid Nesian, what a great name for starters. He encompasses that Pacific sound heard from artists such as J Boog, Fiji and our own Katchafire. He has that smooth Pacific flow in his voice, no real strong accent, just a great voice. And he is definitely a capable singer as he proves on ‘Lalomu’. You can hear that Island sound on the smooth easy skanking sounds of the backing track and almost smell the ocean.

This is a great lovers ditty from a guy that can only go further with his songwriting and his lyrical styling. A song that could chart well here in New Zealand, Hawaii, PNG, through to California. It’s a little more poppy than I would usually listen to on my own choice, but in saying that it’s a great reggae pop tune. Very easy on the pallette.

Before I move on, let’s not forget that Chi Ching Ching features on this tune. Chi Ching is more known for his hyper styles, as he shows on tracks like ‘Breadfruit’ and ‘Rice and Peas’, as well as his crew of dancers that always seem to be nearby. I’m personally a big fan of Chi Ching and to hear him in more of a singing stylee is a great treat.

Definitely check out both of these quality artists on a toe-tapper of a tune. From PNG to JA!

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