Kindred Sound System are at the forefront of a new league of sounds coming up around New Zealand. They play only the best in heavy roots music from all round the globe.

Their custom sound system debuted in early 2011, after a three year build that included a lot of blood, sweat and tears, plus two major earthquakes in their hometown, Christchurch. In 2012 they took out the Christchurch sound clash title against two other big South Island sounds.

The crew consists of Richie Kindred and Jungle Fari, controlling the mic and dropping heavyweight tunes. Every session has big vibes, big bass, and big, big tunes all night!

All roads lead to Bar Bodega on Saturday 13 April when Kindred reaches Wellington, and for the first time ever in Aotearoa, two custom-built reggae sound systems play together at Vital Sound’s 10th Anniversary dance.

More info:
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Big up to Richie Kindred for his Top Ten tunes for April.

1. Ras Tweed – Kool ‘n’ Sekkle – Salomonic Heritage 12″

This is a big, big tune for us with meaningful lyrics, and it did the business at the epic ‘soundclash’ gig at the Dux in Christchurch last year. The flip side is just as bad too! Chazbo Chong is responsible for this murderous rhythm and it’s still available in the shops.

2. Dennis Brown – Easy Take It Easy – Tad’s 12″  

There are so many killer tunes from the Crown Prince of reggae, this one is a classic on the ‘Unchained’ rhythm. We almost always drop some Dennis Brown whenever we play out.

3. Chronicle/Chris Jay – Fisherman Row – Dubwise 12″

This is a super heavy tune from the Dubwise label. Big up to Chris Jay who is now based in Australia, and the Champion Sound crew who are doing good works over there. It has amazing production and killer vocal from Chronicle.

4. Echo Minott – Man in Love – Oak Sound 12″

Echo Minott does a do-over of a Barbara Streisand tune ‘Woman in Love’ on the ‘Drumsong’ rhythm. This is a beautiful vocal over a heavy rhythm. We gotta have some lovers in our top ten!

5. Aisha – The Creator – Ariwa 7″/12″

This is a  classic, much sampled tune from the Mad Professor’s Ariwa Studio. It is available on a 7″ repress and on a 12″. The wicked dub is called ‘Fast-Forward Into Dub’ from the Mad Prof.

6. Daweh Congo – Go with Jah – Taitu 12″

Deep, deep roots music from Daweh Congo on the Taitu label run by Amanda Ford out of New York. Daweh Congo has a really distictive voice and loads of material worth checking.

7. Devshone – Politically Incorrect – Sojourner Records 7″

This is a beautiful tune, with conscious lyrics on the ‘Crazy Baldhead’ rhythm. Love and blessings to Sojourner Studio every time.

8. Murrayman/Mungo’s Hi-Fi – Mash-Up – Scotch Bonnett 12″

Reality lyrics, this is a storming Murrayman tune from Mungos Hi-Fi on the ‘Mexican Bean EP’.

9. Channel One Sound System/Sista Payma  – Zion 12″

Maximum love and respect going out to Channel One Sound System. We were stoked to have Mikey Dread and Ras Kayleb come all the way to Christchurch in January this year. They blessed our sound and gave us heaps of encouragement to keep doing what we’re doing (and to build more bass bins!).

10. Alborosie – Policeman and Soldier – Foward Recordings 7″

Papa Albo singing about downpression and injustice. Watch out for this one to drop heavy at Bar Bodega on Saturday 13th April.

One Love.