Thursday 17 January 2008 @ Galatos, Auckland

The first Lady of Dancehall, Lady Saw, the Queen of Dancehall, Marion Hall, Mama Saw – no matter which name she goes by she is one wicked and talented songstress (and deejay/producer/songwriter!). All those who got to see her perform at Galatos or the Big Day Out in Auckland will be in no doubt about this.

The Thursday night gig at Galatos was surely one to remember with support acts MC Silva & DJ Furyus (joined for a moment by Ladi 6), Renegade Sound, and The Versionaries (Australia) getting the crowd warmed up before Mama Saw took control.

Saw had the crowd under her spell in no time, showcasing her unique style: ‘a blend of rude gyal, pump-your-fist-ladies anthems and raunchy, and risque rants about real and surreal sexcapades’. The AK massive were dancing, chanting and even joining her on stage (at one point she picked out volunteers to get up front to do the ‘backshot’ whine before declaring she’d show us how it’s done, enlisting one of the men on stage to be her dance partner). Her brother also joined her on stage and took control of the mic for a few minutes before passing the show back to Mama Saw and her partner in crime, Missy (her DJ). These two females obviously know each other well and know how to enjoy themselves while bringing the music to the people.

For real Lady Saw and Missy clearly loved filling Galatos with their sound and did it with such style and grace that no one could help but leave with a smile pon their face. Without a doubt the Big Day Out session would’ve been just as entertaining and the vibe just as hot!

Huge respect to the promoters, Motherland Collective and Base FM 107.3, for seizing the opportunity to put on side-shows with such captivating female talent!!  And much excitement as this gal ting shall continue next month with Tanya Stephans set to perform at Soundsplash 08 Eco Reggae Festival!

Miss K