Livity’s obsession with reggae music began when he moved to Dunedin to begin a Fine Arts degree. He started attending reggae dancehall nights at Bath Street, saying ‘I was that annoying kid asking the DJs for track names’.

Soon after this his vinyl addiction began. He was invited by General Dread from Renegade Sound System to present a show on Radio One. Not long after he started playing at Bath Street’s weekly reggae nights.

In 2006 Livity supported Luciano and met Messenjah from Reality Chant Productions backstage, the day before moving back to Christchurch. This lead to joining Messenjah and Nazarite on the Dubwize show on a regular basis and doing gigs as a crew. He has now been running the show solo for 6 years.

He is a regular fixture on Bass Factory and Chief Remedy Sound Systems, has supported many internationals and played countless festivals and local gigs.

Livity loves all reggae from militant Rasta roots to the slackest dancehall.

He says, ‘I wanted to create a mix that reflects the diversity of reggae music that I love. I find mixtapes hard as there are so many songs I want to squeeze in, so I used tunes that I’ve played in recent DJ sets and tried to create something with flow while ripping through some different styles. Respect to all crew nationwide pushing the sound in their own ways, I hope you enjoy the mix’.

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