Colonel Mustard’s 7″s

Well-regarded German reggae net label Jahtari, known for its low-bitrate digital stylings, has now expanded its influence all the way to Coburgistan with new sub-label Colonel Mustard’s.

While it may be challenging to avoid references to kitchens and candlesticks, or lead pipes and conservatories, these two releases are definitely no game. The riddims, both supplied by Naram, are tough enough to challenge even experienced dance hall detectives.

The first track – “Long Way“, features Daddy Freddy on a rolling stomper of a beat. The gruff vocals, hypnotic with their deep tone and occasional skats, work quite well atop the layered synths that skank through the thick pulsating bass. Daddy Freddy’s commentary on the current state of affairs, far more astute and nuanced than the typical echo of Rastafarian themes, rewards careful listeners.

Dangerous,” the second 7″, finds Face & Sheenyboo pairing up on a bouncy rub-a-dub riddim. Face moves from teasing, ‘dangerous, soundbwoy bite di dust, you haffi deh pon twitter if you waan follow us,’ into a fast-chat spelling check. Sheenyboo then steps in with boasts aplenty: ‘mi fresh, mi young, and the lyrics hafta run,’ and ‘mi well dangerous and Sheeny hot like the sun; mi lyrics are mi weapon so me don’t need no gun.’

Really a great pair of vinyls here, both catchy and designed to positively impact the dance. The versions allow the instrumentation to shine even more clearly, showing Naram – with some assistance on “Long Way” from Jahtari boss Disrupt – has been tightening up his sound nicely since the release of the March of the Gremlins LP a year ago. Is this a clue that Colonel Mustard’s is planned to become Jahtari’s outlet for more floor-filling fare, enabling the mother ship to remain more explorative and experimental…?

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