Jah Is My Navigator

Jah Is My NavigatorAnyone who has experienced Luciano live will understand why he is known as ‘The Messenger’.  Luciano carries positive vibes with him, spreading the message of Jah and uplifting those around him. Jah is My Navigator, his most recent offering, gives listeners an insight into how he generates the energy to be such an inspiration. 

With 40-plus albums in his wake, Luciano is a hard working and productive artist who doesn’t disappoint. Jah is My Navigator is no exception.  This is a true roots and culture album with the right balance of conscious lyrics, classic reggae re-workings, new roots, spiritual songs and lovers’ ballads.

After recording and performing profusely since the early 90s, Luciano’s voice remains liquid like molten lava.  His vocal range is huge and he rides out the vibratos with ease. As he says in Never Give Up, Luciano seems to be going from strength to strength. ‘You never give up, keep on trying, believe in what you’re doing and stay firm within’. 

Produced by Chris Chin and Dean Fraser, featuring a Sly and Robbie rhythm section, a collaboration with Andrew Tosh and recorded mostly at Tuff Gong Studios; Jah is My Navigator is a solid album with a reggae family vibe. The title track, beautifully written by Tarrus Riley, has a big band sound and a catchy chorus. My top picks for the album are Trod Out, a contemporary take on the vintage Unchained riddim; Sweet Jamaica, an absolute heavyweight killer espousing the violence in Jamaica; Wise up Youth, a message to the youth growing up in an unjust and violent world; and Wish You Were Mine, a sweet lovers’ rock tune over Beres Hammond & Willie Lindo’s Groovy Little Thing riddim.  

Other notable tracks are I’m the Tuffest, alongside Peter Tosh’s son Andrew; a cover of Marley’s Jah Live; Jah Canopy and Hard Herbs, a non-reggae track with classical composition.  Luciano’s own favourite on the album is Never Give Up Your Pride. He says, ‘This song touches the whole movement on what I’ve been going through over the years. I’ve been through a lot, but I’ve never let things deter me. I just hold to my faith and keep doing what I do.’  Keep on doing what you do Luciano, we love it.