Album: Major Lazer Frees The Universe
Label: Mad Decent 2012 

‘Get Free’ is the recently released single from the new Major Lazer LP, ‘Major Lazer Frees The Universe’. After bringing some serious dancehall heat with their debut, Major Lazer returns with their unique brand of reggae fusion, and if this cut is an example of what to expect from their new release, then we can expect a few more suprises to come.

A universal mantra for a troubled world, ‘Get Free’ combines a soaring vocal with a bumping post-modern roots groove, and the result is a warm and inspiring gem. Laced with the percussive sound of steel drums and a bubbling middle eastern vibe, Amber’s vocal is uplifting and suits the reggae syncopation remarkably well. Punctuating the riddim with a sassy style and poignant lyrics, “Never got love from a government man, Heading downstream till the levee gives in, What can I do to get the money, We ain’t got the money, we ain’t gettin’ out..”.

A strong socio-political message percolating with an essential summertime vibe; check the net for a wide range of remixes but I haven’t found one that tops the original yet, in fact, where’s the instrumental Diplo? Cmon, give up the dub mate!

If you enjoy this slice of Major Lazer, then you should definitely track down the LP and also their recent ragga flavoured EP, ‘Orginal Don’. Although not reggae related, Dirty Projectors are also well worth checking out. Their soulful and funky style of post-rock has some sublime and introspective vocals and clever percussion arrangements.

Rainman aka Winston Spliff (Dancehall Dons Sound System, Wellington/Dunedin Roots Collective, Dunedin)