The minute I heard this tune, it made my hair stand on end!  Its sound took me back to a time where Rub-a-Dub and Lovers Rock ruled supreme. What appealed to me was its feel, which is a fusion of these two styles of reggae. We already know Maxi is well versed in making songs that encompass these elements.

Another interesting thing is that it is a stand-alone track with no other cuts (to my knowledge), which is rare these days. It was released on VP records as a 7” single. The track is also featured on Maxi’s ‘Easy to Love’ album and produced by Colin ‘Bulby’ York, who runs the ‘Fat Eyes’ label, which is known for producing many a great dancehall tune.

This song goes against the grain of the slew of dancehall releases from the mid-90s to early 2000s which York produced with his co-label owner Colin ‘Fatta’ Marshall, but it is a welcome addition to their catalog and to my record collection!

Mark Professor, (Wreck It Up Crew/ Stereocity Sound/ Soca Saga Boys/ The Reference Library, London)