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From UK independent Hip-hop label ‘Million Dappa Records’, comes the debut album ‘Spektrum’ from artist and label owner/operator Mike Dunn (AKA Million Dan / Mike J). It’s a 17-track album and soon after its release this year, a ‘Special Edition’ CD/DVD was released which included extra tracks, 7 music videos, an interview with Million Dan, concert footage, and behind-the-scenes footage from music video shoots.

Million Dan has a long history in the UK music business. Born to Jamaican parents, his album notes say he ‘was raised on Reggae music and adopted by Hip-hop’. Early in his career and alongside Demon D, he was part of the legendary ‘Demon Boyz’, a group that helped lay down some of the foundations for UK Hip-hop.

His very successful 2003 single ‘Dogz N Sledgez’ (produced by the Freestylers) helped cement him as one of London’s premier MCs, the 2006 single ‘Pull Up’ followed and the label Million Dappa Records was established. In 2007 the ‘Mic Check / Spektrum’ single and a mix CD by Daddy Skitz/Million Dan titled ‘Infrared’ were released.

These releases, combined with his extensive touring and explosive live shows, left fans in high anticipation for something along the lines of a Long Player. So in 2008, following the release of the ‘Scream Out’ single, Million Dappa Records came to the table with the album ‘Spektrum’.

The sound of the album varies and production is handled by some of the game’s finest: MC D, DJ Skitz/DJ Die, Jay Large, Christopher Birch (JA) and Cut Master Swift all contribute music and on some tracks Million Dan also features as a co-producer. The beats range from traditional sample based  Hip-hop productions to more contemporary sounding synthed-out joints, there’s also Dancehall beats, Latin flavoured numbers, some Electro, and the album includes a classic Demon Boyz single ‘Glimity Glamity’ (from 1992).

The undeniable sound and influence of Reggae/Dancehall music is strong on the album and guest vocalists on the project include Dynamite MC, MC D, K.Nerz, Demolition Man, and Demon D among others. Lyrically Million Dan addresses a broad range of topics; at times rhyming consciously with stories and advice for the youth (‘Inner City Got Plenty Cases’), sharing musical knowledge and history (‘Hip-hop U Don’t Stop / Reggae Music U Don’t Quit’), and delivering every single syllable with his distinctive and energetic lion’s roar voice, enough to set ablaze any party.

With such a varied sound, the album offers something for a range of different listeners. Million Dan has come a long way since his beginnings in the music business, it’s evident in his works that he maintains a refined and professional approach to his music and appears unlikely to drop off any time soon. Lets hope his busy tour schedule brings him near the shores of Aotearoa soon.

Special thanks to Million Dappa Records for sending us a copy of the CD/DVD. It’s available here in Aotearoa NZ via good music stores and online.

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