MI$O aka Tiopira McDowell is one half of Auckland-based dancehall reggae production duo High Stakes. MI$O has been DJing, producing and promoting events in Auckland since 1995, and teamed up with partner-in-crime Simon Howden in 2007 to start High Stakes Records.

The crew have worked with some of Jamaica’s top dancehall reggae artists including Munga, Bugle, Voice Mail, Wayne Marshall, Norris Man, Bramma, Tifa, Kari Jess and many more, and have gained extensive airplay on radio, television, mix-tapes and in the dance in Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean, the US, Europe and the Pacific.

High Stakes are currently working on two new singles with Kari Jess, a new one drop riddim featuring Jamaica’s top roots artists, and a new bashment riddim featuring some of the toughest names in the business.

High Stakes are also in the initial stages of producing their own brand of Jamaican Jerk Sauce, aptly named ‘High Stakes “Hotta Fyah” Jerk Sauce’, which should be available at future Daybreak events.

The sauce is excellent for use as a marinade or hot sauce – in emergency situations it doubles as an effective weapon to disable would be assailants, and in extreme cases can be used to kill animals and small to medium size human beings e.g. rabid guard dogs, malevolent dwarfs, children possessed by the Devil or evil spirits etc.

High Stakes: On the Spice Grind in 2009, Hot Sauce Fi Dem in 2010.

Big Up MI$O for his Top Five Underground Jamaican Artists & Top Five Ghetto Unofficial High Stakes Videos for December 2009.

High Stakes Top 5 Underground Jamaican Artists

1. Ratigan

2. Rushan

3. Unruly Approach

4. JAHReign

5. Caldhino

High Stakes Top 5 Ghetto Unofficial High Stakes Videos

1. Mytylinkz .ft. Shizzle – Mamah Mamah Africa

2. Michael Morton – How Badman Role

3. Kari Jess – Money we a Mek (REMIX DJAK)

4. Naruto AMV – Style U Can Do

5. Coulda Neva (Bakwey Riddim 2k9) – Machete