The MouseFX In Jamaica EP is a triumphant cultural continuation, finding the leading voice of Cantonese reggae in the genre’s home country. Paired with producer Skunga Kong (son of singer I Kong, whose 1979 release The Way It Is is arguably the leading roots work by a Chinese Jamaican vocalist, as well as the grand-nephew of famed producer Leslie Kong), the connections between Asia and the Caribbean run deep here.

Opener “Reggae Party” though, also looks north to feature French artist General Huge, who has been a leader of reggae and dancehall in the Chinese capital for many years now. In many ways a contemporary and counterpart, given MouseFX’s outsized role within the Hong Kong scene as the singer for legendary band Sensi Lion prior to his solo career. Upbeat and optimistic, atop a thick bass groove, the bilingual back and forth works quite well, celebrating a ‘reggae revolution.’

The single – “See Jah Light” – is catchy, with the hook and the ad-lib ‘in every house there’s a Mouse, seen’ harkening back to an earlier era. The video, filmed in Jamaica, puts MouseFX in good company, enjoying the vibes. Then the title track continues with this spirit, highlighting the artist’s vocal range and emotive styling.

“Soh Sin Sang” shifts things back to Cantonese, aside from a shout out to the aforementioned Sensi Lion. The solid rhythm allows the singjay to switch styles effortlessly, clearly having fun on a song that means “Mister Silly.” MouseFX kindly provided a bit more translation as well; lines include ‘don’t hesitate to dance inna dancefloor , and you will get used to the heavy bass,’ while the introductory ‘doh di dai yum’ means ‘more bass’ and ‘it’s about love.’

“Please Them” speaks of having to sacrifice, before mournfully concluding but ‘no one asked them why.’ The melodica feature is a sweet compliment, and in some ways this is the most poignant song of the entire EP. If you don’t catch the deeper meaning here, please brush up on the situation in Hong Kong.

Vinyl 12” and digital out now via Bandcamp.

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