Newtown Rocksteady EP cover

This tasty 5-track EP has an unmistakable Wellington sound, with solid rhythms, skanking guitars, soulful keys and the ubiquitous horn section to round it out. There is a nice selection of tracks which take you on a little journey through the well trodden and colourful Newtown streets.

‘So Long’ features vocals of Ras Stone (Safari, Rhombus et al) and is the stand out track for me. It has a beautiful warm vibe and a bit more dynamism with a political message. The lyrics ‘oil on the water’ – referring to the recent oil prospecting in our waters – made this a bold statement wrapped in rocksteady. A genre which started out with sociopolitical messages when it evolved from ska in the mid sixties.

‘Good Mood’ will undoubtedly put you in a great mood, with happy keys and horns and a punchy bridge to shake your booty to. It has elements of Jackie Mittoo’s ‘Earthquake’, with James Coyle playing Mittoo-esque organ. ‘This Music’ and ‘Money’ have quite a live jammy feel to them, with ‘Money’ having more of a funk-soul sound than the rest of the EP.

This EP is definitely one for the whole family to enjoy this summer. This could be the perfect stocking filler or CD for your Christmas day skank with your aunty. My one year old reggae-loving son has given it a big clap and I give it 5 stars.

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