Mixed by Art Official

Art Official has really stepped his game up the last couple of years. Between launching Newtown Sound, co-founding NiceUp and DJing regularly on radio and around the country with Yardwise Sound, it’s amazing that the guy can hold down a day job and produce regular radio interviews with well-known Dancehall Reggae artists. To make matters worse he easily pushes out more mixes then any other reggae DJ in Wellington.

Ghetto Red Hot: The Mix-CD Vol.2 is his latest. As always the quality has improved exponentially and the level of local content has increased as well.

The premise of Ghetto Red Hot: The Mix-CD Vol.2 is a mixture of Hip-Hop Reggae tunes. Originally grounded in the late-80s to early 90s golden age of Ragga Hip-Hop crossover pioneered by artists such as Supercat, Art Official has expanded the concept to include modern day Hip-Hop Reggae bootleg records and current Hip-Hop Reggae bangers. So you get material from international artists like Rodney P, Jamalski, Michael Rose and Rayvon as well as new exclusives from local Dancehall Hip-Hop acts Dubwise and Dam Native.

Well mixed and executed, Ghetto Red Hot: The Mix-CD Vol.2 is also sprinkled and peppered with drops and stings from locals such as J.P. Money and established overseas vocalists like Rodney P which lends a more personal and convincing air to the whole project.

The mix does drag at points and I would personally have cut it down to 45 minutes as opposed to 80, but that’s a matter of personal opinion and a slight complaint considering the progression and development of Ghetto Red Hot: The Mix-CD Vol.2 compared to previous mix disc’s from Art Official. I hope you made it down to the release party and grabbed a copy!

Martyn Pepperell