Launched in 2017 and one of the newest sound systems out of Aotearoa, Fish and Bread is impacting on the scene, with its first major outing at the 2018 Ruapuke Roots Festival.

Hailing from Snells Beach (just north of Auckland), the 2-scoop sound was garage-built by selector and operator Vaughan Roots, a long time reggae and dub aficionado. Like many sound owners, Vaughan built the sound after resonating with the vibe and energy of a sound system session.

“Hearing Lion Rockers for the first time was like a revelation. I knew a little about sound systems but had never experienced one. Ben Alpha was featuring, the vibe was thick and the sound was incredible. I’ve been hooked ever since.

“It took a couple of years to build the sound, just chipping away at it with whatever time and money I could find. I figured that if I kept at it I would get there eventually, learning what I needed to along the way.”

As a sound, Fish and Bread plays meaningful and uplifting music, with a particular taste for UK artists and producers.

“I tend to gravitate towards UK productions, but there’s so much depth in reggae that there’s killer tunes from every quarter.”

This mix covers a range of different eras, with some tunes more than 40 years older than others. Bless.

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Fish and Bread MixCloud
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