When we think of Scotland down here in New Zealand, we think of all the cliches the rest of the world usually does – kilts, bagpipes, haggis, funny little tartan hats and that thick accent. Well, NorthernXposure is proof that apart from the cliches, a bubbling cauldron of reggae and hip-hop culture also exists.

All I previously knew about the music scene in Scotland was that Mungo’s Hi Fi hailed from there, but after delving a little further and through a bit of snooping, I found this crew. The first time I heard them I nearly choked on my haggis – they bring a tight, lyrically driven, conscious breath of fresh air.

NorthernXposure have that something extra that is just so likable.  Is it the accent? Is it the lyrical content? Is it their choice of beats? I personally feel it is a perfect blend of all of these things.

Teaming up with Dagnabit (Foreign Beggars) and Mungo’s Hi Fi, NorthernXposure bend genres into a nice sharp sound that had my head nodding the whole time. I really feel that these guys bring something new to the UK hip-hop scene, a scene that has produced countless amazing acts and diverse sounds throughout the years.   I want to hear a lot more from this crew very soon.

Check a sample and be the first one of your friends to say you are down with hip-hop from Edinburgh, because believe me, it won’t be long before every selector in the country will be putting NorthernXposure on heavy rotation.

Tuff beats, unique rhyme style and conscious content – I think I have found a new favourite.

More info:
NorthernXposure Myspace

Bless Up.