Formed in early 2013, Liam runs Partial Records from his base in Chesham, Buckinghamshire. Partial have laid down a path of newly recorded music as well as unearthing a chunk of hard-to-find tunes mainly from the 1990s (plus a few from the 1970s and 1980s) for the reissue market.

Releases include recordings by artists such as Max Romeo, Mikey General, Cornel Campbell, Junior Delgado, Solo Banton, Sandeeno, Paul Fox, Jah Marnyah, Alpha & Omega, Dixie Peach, G.T. Moore, Everton Chambers, Vin Gordon, Danny Red, Disciples, Vibronics, Bush Chemists, S’Kaya, Nucleus Roots, King General, Restless Mashaits, Donette Forte and more.

Liam has put together an exclusive mix of past and present releases from the label as well as sneak previews of forthcoming releases by El Indio and Danny Red.

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01. Investigators – IRS (PRTL7025)
02. Paget King – Close Encounter (PRTL7026)
03. Jah Bunny – Close Encounter Dub (PRTL7026)
04. G.T. Moore – Utopia (PRTL7012)
05. G.T. Moore – Utopia Dub (PRTL7012)
06. Nucleus Roots – Deep Roots (PRTL10001)
07. Nucleus Roots – Blood Thicker Than Water Dub (PRTL10001)
08. Mikey General – Bulletin (PRTL7020)
09. Twillight Circus – Bulletin Dubwise (PRTL7020)
10. Paul Fox – Wolf in Sheep Clothing (PRTL7021)
11. Partial Crew – 73 Version (Forthcoming album)
12. Solo Banton – Had Enough (PRTL7028)
13. Sandeeno – Roughneck Soldier (PRTL7027)
14. Partial Crew – Chats Palace Dub (Forthcoming album)
15. Restless Mashaits – Good Conquer Evil (PRTL7030)
16. Restless Mashaits – Good Dub (PRTL7030)
17. Vin Gordon – Kojo Hoy (PRTL10005)
18. Istan Black & The Sweets – Rastaman (PRTL7019)
19. Istan Black & The Sweets – Lost Ark in Dub (PRTL7019)
20. G.T. Moore – Divided City (PRTL10008)
21. G.T. Moore – Divided City Dub (PRTL10008)
22. Alpha & Omega feat. Dub Judah – Almighty Jah (PRTL7031)
23. Alpha & Omega – Almighty Dub (PRTL7031)
24. Danny Red – False Preacher Man (Forthcoming)
25. El Indio – Do You Remember (Forthcoming)
26. Partial Crew – Royal Legacy Dub (Forthcoming)
27. The Rootsman – Only Jah (PRTL10007)