Randy Valentine has been a name I’ve been hearing about for a few years now. I must admit I had passed him over a little at first, but did find myself checking riddims to see if it was him killing it on the version.

Jamaican-born Randy now resides in the UK and is gaining popularity at an alarming rate. This could be due to his versatility as a singer as well as a deejay (dancehall MC). 

My first impression of Randy was that he was a lovers rock/Studio One style singer, as his earlier work is in that style, a style I do enjoy. To my amazement in this EP, as noted above, Randy showcases both a singer and deejay style.

Still Pushing is an 8-track EP that fully encompasses Randy’s skills. Currently under Higher Hemp Productions and Cali P’s J.O.A.T (Jack Of All Tradez) Music Group, this dub-influenced release was produced by Joe Ariwa, who is none other than the son of the legendary producer, Mad Professor.

A great rockers feel on each of the tracks is given dub treatment, while still keeping an up-tempo feel. Randy’s versatility is most notable to me on ‘Wake the Town’. This tune has a Protoje/Jnr Gong lyrical feel to it, but is by no means unoriginal, with a dubbed out outro on it. Be sure to check out the video to this tune, it is simple yet amazing.

This EP in its entirety showcases Randy as a very talented writer/singer/deejay who completely deserves the current praise and hype around him. In an age where slackness is prevalent in Jamaican music, it is great to hear an artist push the conscience sound and lyrical content of yesteryear. His comparison to Chronixx, Jesse Royal and Protoje is well founded and deserved, he has earn’t his place alongside them. Randy Valentine is on his way to becoming a name any reggae enthusiast will know and request from their selectors.

I feel this EP is just the tip of the iceberg of what Randy is capable of, as his greatness is already shining through at such a young age. Here’s hoping he continues to work with great producers like Joe Ariwa and continues to release reggae to this high standard as he grows. I urge you to check out this EP as soon as possible, it will no doubt bring some warmth and sunshine during these cold winter months here in Aotearoa.

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