Freak Controller album cover

The ten- track album starts off with Restless Soul – a five and a half long drum n base track with minimal lyrics and nice use of a guitar strum over the top – classic Sal Dub dnb sound.

Up & Running featuring MC Mana is one of my favourites on the album – the lyrical content is conscious and can be easily related to (for any gardeners out there). The album progresses through dub, drum n bass and electronic styles. The track Freak Local (which was released on the Freak Local E.P. in July) has many elements of the early Sal Dub sound and is quite experimental.

Walk Into Your Mind brings together drum n bass, rock guitar and the lyrical styles of MC Mana. Bombastic and Untangling feature very nice horn sections. The album finishes with a seven-minute deep dub track titled Deep in Southland.

The bonus disk opens with the track Bungle Fun – a drum n bass track with a nicely performed Amen break that’s kind of in the background but still over the bass line. This tune features one of NZs best MCs, The Mighty Asterix. Dope Funk Manooda and Dub Tune Barry feature Whirimako Black and have a uniquely New Zealand sound. Thats What I Want, featuring MC Mana starts slow with a nice keyboard skank and progresses nicely into drum n bass.

I enjoyed listening to both these disks as I haven’t been listing to much homegrown stuff lately – bring on the summer outdoor parties which these tunes will fit into perfectly.

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