Freak Local EP cover

After a small ripple of apprehension I was relatively relieved when I imported this bad boy into my i-Tunes library to the sound of familiar horn instruments and the groovy backing beat of the opening track, creatively titled Freak Local Radio Cut.

It’s fair to say I was surprised and drawn in by what I heard in the opener but to no avail, more generic New Zealand dub was to follow, the next two tracks drifted off into the liquid void of my brain finding themselves among thousands of other nameless dance tracks that feature soft drums, some form of ethical instrument and dull hooks.  

I managed to draw some refuge from Ding Megal with it’s subtle dub-step influences and the occasional “wob wob” but found the keys sounding out of place in a relatively simple composition that was ruined by the menacing sound they introduced

The extended play finished off with something for everyone, in the form of Clicking Tock providing something for those chemical fuelled trance fiends among us.

The production quality was good, and the sounds were crisp. No complaints there, and to have Tiki out of the mix was refreshing after his chart ravaging sell out.

Salmonella dub seem to be on the fast road to creating another typical album, producing quite simply…well…what we expect from them, and what we know from them. So lads, if it’s another dumping of satisfactory dub for the trough of club pigs, then you’ve done okay. If you were looking for a step in a new direction or an album that will influence others and be remembered, then hopefully you’ll put in some haywire-48 hours with no sleep sort of work before the full album drops.

More info:
Salmonella Dub website

Hayden D Austin