Sizzla poster

My wife and I arrived in Munich two months prior to this gig.  Unfortunately I overlooked how hard it is to settle into a new city, in a new country. All the while we have been waiting for the ship with our personal effects, including my records, to arrive. Also making friends and contacts takes time, so naturally I was feeling a little down and out. But then I saw it, near the Munich Underground – an old dirty wall covered with tags and old posters, with a fresh new poster on it ‘Sizzla and The Firehouse crew’!

I arrived at the venue car park about an hour prior to the start of the gig and asked the people in the car next to me if I was in the right place. As soon as they found out I was all alone they welcomed me into their car for pre-drink/sesh.  In a large city as a foreigner it’s easy to feel isolated and alone, but at the Sizzla gig in Munich – you are family.

One hour later I find myself hooked up, passing my 25 euro ticket to the guy at the door and taking my first look at Sizzla and The Firehouse Crew.

The set was approximately two and a half hours long and I soon discovered that Sizzla is a live performer whose flow is uncompromising. No pausing, just performing.  Absolutely massive!

As for The Firehouse Crew, they led the crowd through a journey of almost every riddim known, with Sizzla smashing it down. This was the first time I had ever seen such a massive live riddim mix, the mixes were seamless and unstoppable, poor old Sizzla hardly got a breath. The Firehouse Crew comprised of a drummer, percussionist, bassist and keys- the sound was huge and I would recommend to everyone to catch them live. The venue was staged and also had another zone plus a massive outdoor smoking area. The sound production was great but unfortunately as always the sound from the tables after the main act were compromised by the main set-up.

I’m not sure who the crew was running the post-gig but luckily the MCs and DJs made up for the average sound set-up by creating a house party style, loose as anything. Jumping around, going crazy, spilling drinks, swinging hand-towels about and not giving a shit about how many 7’s they were scratching up! I think maybe a brick on top of the tone arm with a nail for a needle – yeah that should do the trick. It was a great gig with an awesome atmosphere and smell.

I have my fingers crossed for Summer Jam in one month, wish me luck. Wellywoods reggae reviewer abroad. Out.

El Maestro