Since beginning to collaborate musically just over six months ago, Sole (DJ/MC /Visuals) and Paipo (DJ) have fast become Westport’s busiest DJs. A chance meeting at an art fair and a shared love of bass-heavy dubwise tunes soon evolved into a weekly social night where a mixture of rum, reggae, ska, digital dub and jungle were eagerly consumed.

Visits in 2012 from Sole’s original Wellington crew The Audio Mechanics, and MC Silva, Israel Starr and Art Official, confirmed the need and provided encouragement to create an alternative to the Coast’s thriving Drum ‘n’ Bass scene. When an opportunity arose to start their own monthly night with third DJ big M, The Jetset Lounge was launched.

Playing an eclectic mix of bass-driven music from funk and soul, hip hop and dub, to breaks and jungle, Sole and Paipo began rapidly picking up supporting slots for a wide range of bands and artists in 2013 – Billy TK Snr, The Johnnys and The Audio Mechanics, as well as The Upbeats, Trei, The Nomad and Soulware. Meeting Jahtari founder Disrupt in Westport was another turning point that confirmed to them that geographical isolation is no barrier to being connected to a global scene.

Working with Westport venue, The Town House, they will be hosting a range of NZs freshest talent over winter and spring 2013, including Estère, Raiza Biza, and the Ghetto Red Hot crew, as special ‘The Jetset Lounge presents’ nights, with further events planned under Sole and Paipo’s own Rum & Bass banner.

Shout outs to Audio Mechanics and Myoume, NiceUp and Full Noise crews.

More info:
Jetset Lounge Facebook

Respect to Sole and Paipo for their Top Ten Rum & Bass tracks:

1. Dirty Dubsters feat. Screechy Dan & Whandah – Oh No – Jinx In Dub remix (Irish Moss)
Jinx in Dub has the magic touch when it comes to genre-bending remixes and you’ll find one in almost every set we play.

2. Gentleman’s Dub Club – High Grade (Ranking)
Proper skanking Bristol style, a close tie with the Skints for our favourite current ska band. A highly anticipated debut album from this crew is dropping soon.

3. General Levy – New Dimension – Skanx Future Jungle Refix (Skanx)
After 20 years, jungle is back with a vengeance and LA producer Skanx aka 6blocc is leading the charge with his remixes and releases on the Sub Slayers label.

4. Israelites vs Vitalites – Freear Remix (Freear)
Modern retakes on classic tunes are a staple in our sets too, and this freebie by Freear is guaranteed to get  the subs and feet moving.

5. Dub Pistols – Gunshot feat. Darrison and Rodney P (Sunday Best)
The Dub Pistols blend of reggae, ska, big beat and drum ‘n’ bass epitomises the Rum & Bass sound. Founder and DJ Barry Ashworth also releases some of the finest mixes to be found on the net.

6. YT feat. Skinnyman – Hustler (Run Tingz)
Representing the Bristol sound that we love, YT kills it every-time with positive lyrics and heavyweight reggae/dancehall vibes. This now classic track features Skinnyman, an MC that was pivotal in introducing the UK hip-hop sound to us in the early 2000’s.

7. Dreadsquad feat El Fata – Sweet & Nice (Superfly Studio)
Some of the most prolific producers and remixers around, Dreadsquad have been collaborating with a host of the worlds top reggae, hip-hop and heavy bass producers and vocalists. Once you get past the annoying Dreadsquad stings, anything from these two Polish DJ/Producers is bound to be pure gold.

8. Freestylers – Phenomenon One ft. Tenor Fly (White)
The Freestylers are the archetype of breakbeat, bass genre mash-ups that we love to incorporate into our sets. This bass heavy track featuring Tenor Fly has been a regular starter for us, setting the vibe to get the dancefloor moving.

9. Dub Terminator meets Reality Chant – Uniting Feat. Hua & Melloquence (Soul Island / Reality Chant)
This collaboration by arguably two of Aotearoa’s best producers, Dub Terminator and Reality Chant, is a great example of the international quality of reggae/bass culture being produced here. Check out Reality Chant’s latest collaboration with Reality Shock – You’ve Been Bad Riddim featuring a killah line-up of both local and international vocalists.

10. Range feat. Myoume & Ras Stone – My Friends (The Vehicle)
We couldn’t help ourselves from including this yet to be released track from The Vehicle family. The succulent and catchy lyrics from Myoume will have you entranced, thinking of good friends near and afar.