Guns n Knives

Riddim Tuffa 12″

Adham Riddim Tuffa and Selector Frontline out of Edinburgh have been steadily building a solid reputation. Performing at festivals all over Europe and releasing fresh and quality digitally inspired productions over the last two years on their ‘Tuffa Dubs’ label. This, their sixth release, serves up more of that wining formula.

Solo Banton is one of the UK’s most exciting vocal talents. Despite producing, selecting and chanting on sounds since the 80s, he has only relatively recently started recording and releasing material as a vocalist. From his work with ‘Reality Shock’ and his hit debut album ‘Walk Like Rasta’, he continues to showcase his abilities as an extremely versatile vocalist, whether it be on UK steppers, dancehall, modern roots, dubstep or rocksteady relicks, he is equally at home.

Subject-wise, Solo also manages to be equally adept with more light hearted lyrical content such as ‘Stayed Home Today’, to more conscious and serious themes such as that on ‘Guns n Knives’.

 On Guns n Knifes, Solo delivers a stark warning to the youth about the trappings of a badman lifestyle with his usual intelligent and skillful wordplay, all over a nice stripped back and heavy digital riddm.

Riddim Tuffa’s releases always have a bit of an authentic old skool feel to them. If you like the flavas by Mungos or Jahtari be sure to check it out.

Conviction Roots