Solo Banton

Solo Banton has had a long career in the reggae music business as a top sound man and producer.

His time as a recording artist began relatively recently, when he linked with with Kris Kemist of Reality Shock Records.

Solo was immediately recognised for his vintage deejay style and intelligent lyrical content and soon found himself in great demand for his talents, working with the likes of Jahtari, Maffi, Mungos Hi Fi, Zion Gate Hi Fi and many other sounds & labels worldwide.

Solo has also been touring extensively in Europe, performing both on soundsystems and with the Reality Shock resident Upper Cut Band in the UK, France, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Sardinia and Serbia.

In November 2009 Solo released his debut album, ‘Walk Like Rasta’, which also features the talents of Aqua Livi, Mikey Murka, Kris Kemist, Mafia and Fluxy, Bush Chemists, Disciples, Zion Gate Music and many more.

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Big up to Solo Banton for his Top Ten tunes for May 2010.

1. Bob Marley – Crisis

2. Dennis Brown – Words of Wisdom

3. Culture – Two Sevens Clash

4. Heptics – Natural Woman

5. Deadly Hunta – Better Way

6. YT – Champion Sound

7. Solo Banton – Stronger

8. Tarus Riley – Good Girl

9. Gwen McCrae – 90%

10. Roy Ayers – Sunshine