Dubstep is something that is only just starting to make sense to me. I’ve always appreciated its half-time jungle aesthetic and its constant use of reggae and ragga samples and motifs, but a small part of me has remained unconvinced. This was partially chipped away by seeing Mala from Digital Mystiks perform a DJ set several months ago and even more chipped away by the sheer quality of this album.

Soul Jazz Records have always been on top of their reggae/dub game, so to see them embrace jungle and dubstep in recent months has been a beautiful thing. Box of Dub is a collection of reggae/dub styled dubstep tunes from prominent scene leaders such as Digital Mystiks, Kode9, Burial, Skream and more.

What really struck me about this CD (something you’ve probably already worked out) was the heavy, heavy layering of dub/reggae elements, finally I felt like I was listening to a selection of dubstep cuts that truly represented a logical progression and evolution of UK dub. Unfortunately this gives rise to the question ‘Is dubstep really a new sound, or is it merely a re branding of previous styles?’

Either way with brilliant cuts like I Wait on board, fans of bass heavy dubby music won’t really be complaining. I could see Box of Dub as being a suitable release for home listening or dancefloor rocking satisfaction! Check it out!

Martyn Pepperell