Version (Soul Proff 7”)

Underneath the main and rightfully well-known selection of Lee Perry/Black Ark tunes, lie classic after classic, usually released on smaller, less prolific labels. We all know the Max Romeo ‘War Inna Babylon’s, but dig a little deeper and tunes such as ‘Love and Prosperity’ are in abundance.

The Gaylads are usually connected with their Studio One foundation ska and rocksteady numbers, so it is perhaps surprising that their vocal style and harmonies fit perfectly with that trademark, dirty Black Ark sound. As soon as the tune starts you can tell exactly where it is recorded. Luckily it also comes with a great Lee Perry dub as well.

For those who like to explore, I recommend checking out the YouTube posts by ‘BlackArkNuggets’ who has posted a lot of rare Lee Perry produced gems such as this peach.

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