(Red Robin Records)

Out to the ‘worldwide struggle,’ New Zealand’s leading digital rub-a-dub label returns with a smooth and tough single. Red Robin Records stalwart Tippa Lee speaks of escape on another crisp Naram production, available on 7” and digital via Bandcamp.

Cheekily guaranteed by the promo to ‘clear the dancefloor at any Euro steppas festival but warm the heart of any true lover of hardcore digital reggae,’ this is a heavyweight vibe direct from the future/past 1980s.

If you’re new to the label, the catchy hook – ‘down in the ghetto for a very long time, and me got to get out now’ – plus the entrancing rhythm, all seductive bass and skank – are the perfect introduction. For followers since “Outta Road,” this is certainly a standout.

The dub? Potent. Naram serves up a vocal tease before blasting ahead in a dubwise fashion; meanwhile, the low-end becomes really neither of those things in the mix. There’s arguably a certain stylistic sensibility from Junjo’s era, yet the cut is built for both vocalists and those deep in the vibes.

More info:
Down in the Ghetto on Bandcamp

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