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Truth are a dubstep trio hailing form Christchurch who have been making music together for ten years. Truth have had their tunes released on various international dubstep labels including Deep Medi Musik, Disfigured Dubs, Aquatic Lab and also New Zealand’s own Optimus Gryme Recordings.

Their tunes have been getting played out by big name dubstep DJs such as Mala, Skream and N Type. They have also done remixes for artists such as The Nextmen, Ms Dynamite and Silverclub and worldwide are in high demand for their live DJ shows, traveling around the world while still representing their hometown, Christchurch and New Zealand.  Impressive credentials by anybody’s standards.

Puppets is a fifteen-track album released on Aquatic Lab full of deep melodies, spacious beats,  eerie vocals and of course nuff low end bass. The tempo stays fairly consistent through out all fifteen tracks, with track ten, Invaded definitely picking things up.

I think one of the best things about this album is it’s not a strictly dance floor anthem album and can be listened to in various circumstances – although when I did turn it up loud I definitely saw how these tracks have been tearing up dance floors around the world.

This particular style of dubstep is personally not my preferred style of the genre (I more prefer Mungos Hi Fi, Digital Mystikz, and tunes more on a vocal tip and/or dub elements) but a few of Truths tunes caught my ear. Burglar has some nice metal-sounding percussion sounds over a very steppy bassline, Don’t Explain has some nice upfull keys and Juno exposes a very interesting sound, perhaps sampled from one of the Transformer movies or perhaps creatively made by Truth using one of their Roland Juno synthesisers. Wicked Vibe Broccoli and the very spaced-out The Fatman are the standout tunes for me on the album.

Puppets has taken the dubstep vibe back to its roots but has also managed to creatively stay current with the dubstep freight train in these ever changing digital times. This is most likely to do with the combination of using software and hardware in their productions.  Their tours schedule is taking them around the world while still representing their hometown, Christchurch and New Zealand.

The album name and theme of Puppets can be interpreted in many ways – with dubstep getting bigger by the second it makes one wonder, who is pulling the strings and who are the puppets?  Also I must make mention of the awesome album art work, done by local Christchurch graffiti artist, Dcypher.

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