An impressive collective, Vibration Lab & The Digital Messiahs is a veritable sound system supergroup. Led by the seasoned UK production duo alongside veteran MC Brother Culture, the rest of the crew – Colourman, Donovan Kingjay, and Dark Angel – are equally skilled and experienced on the mic.

This four-track debut – two singles along with their riddims – kicks off in high-flying fashion with the introductory “Digital Messiahs Theme.” Stylistically emulating a live sound system session, the mic keeps on moving, ensuring the vibes remain lively throughout. Brother Culture takes the helm, with Donovan Kingjay on the catchy hook. Strong verses from Colourman and Dark Angel keep the energy flowing relentlessly, all positivity and blazing fire respectively. The ensuing riddim bubbles and percolates darkly, on a deceptively mellower tip: a heavy retro-tinged digital cut.

“Dovecot” then finds half the vocalists, Colourman and Donovan Kingjay, bringing it ‘straight to your chest.’ Soundbwoys beware! The bassline bounces along prominently, providing a solid counterpoint to Kingjay’s updated take on the classic “Tears” (Chuck Turner) as well as Colourman’s rugged verses. Definitely ready for a confident singer near you, this riddim gets to the heart of what 80s dancehall was all about.

A strong release here, so enjoy the tracks while awaiting more from this promising project!

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