Let me start with saying, I love Bugle. He would quite easily be one of my favourite foundation artists. Since first hearing him on the Daseca-produced ‘Doh’, with Serani I was hooked on him. I will listen to riddims entirely based on the fact he has a version on it.

Born in Portland Jamaica, Roy Thompson AKA Bugle always had a love affair with music even since his early days in primary school. However it wasn’t until the turn of the century when he was asked to write for Elephant Man that he began to come to prominence in the dancehall scene.

As a mainstay on Daseca, Bugle had quite a few stand out hits. ‘Idol’, his version on the ‘Catagory 5’ riddim, is a personal favourite of mine. In the past few years Bugle has clearly embraced his conversion to the Rastafarian faith and now wears a beard and has his locks wrapped. With his change in faith, so has been a change in his musical stylings.

‘Be Proud’ features on the Dunwell-produced ‘Advice’ riddim. Just looking at the artists on this riddim without even playing it guarantees it’s going to be a banger, Vybz, Konshens and Propa Fade are instant proof. It is not quite reggae and not quite dancehall, but most certainly a foundation riddim. Bugle’s version is of the quality I have come to expect from him. He carries a very unique vocal style, a deep singjay style to some extent, but also holds a gruff chatting flow that I have on a few occasions mistaken for Mavado.

Since Bugle’s conversion to Rasta, his lyrical content has taken a conscious direction, a direction I personally prefer. This rings true on ‘Be Proud’, an ode to himself being proud of where he has come from and how far, as well as the somewhat cliched hard work ethic. “You need fi proud a every hungry days, a that mek you suh brave and proud a every broke days”, a great message none the less.

All in all another great tune from a great voice. I suggest you check the whole riddim (the Vybz cut is amazing). If you’re new to Bugle, check out his older work, more of a party vibe with a message, but still Bugle.

Bless Up
Danny 2 Chains