Carl Meeks

Born in 1962 in Kingston, Jamaica, Carl Meeks is an original, cultural, reggae dancehall singer, renowned for his distinctive sing-jay vocal style.

As a youth, Carl always followed the sound systems from country to town. His favourites included Youthman Promotion, Stereo Mars, Jah Love and Stereo Gav, just to name a few. One of his favorite singers was Dennis Brown, an artist he would look to and try to emulate.

The turning point for Meeks came when he won second place in one of the biggest talent shows of the time in Kingston called ‘Taste’. This gave him the inspiration and motivation to further pursue his singing career, and attempt to take it to the next level.

The late George Lemon (a photographer), heard Carl singing and began to invest in his career. All monies made from his photography were used to produce Carl’s music, which led to a series of singles and the creation of the ‘Photographer’ label.

The following classic songs released on the label are on Meeks’ ‘Jackmandora’ album – ‘Haul and Pull up Selector’, ‘Born and Grow Ya’, ‘We Rule Dance Hall’ and ‘Raw Born Rub a Dub’. ‘Haul and Pull Up Selector’ went Number One in Trinidad, and Carl had five songs on the Top 100 charts in Jamaica.

He was then introduced to Hugh ‘Red Man’ James who produced ‘Weh Dem Fa’, ‘Youthman’, ‘Johnny’ and ‘Heard About My Love’ featuring Daddy Lilly.

Meeks has gone on to work with a wide range of producers such as Jammy’s, Jack Scorpio, Steely and Clevie, Gussie Clark, and Harry J, to name a few. He continues to record and perform around the world.

Carl would like to big up all Sounds, Selectors, and Fans.

Nuff respect to Carl Meeks for his Top Ten riddims for December 2011.

1. Sleng Teng
2. Far East
3. Cuss Cuss
4. Stagalag
5. Answer
6. Rougher Yet
7. Punnany
8. Koloko
9. Mud Up
10. Fashion