This is a brand new joint from these two princes of dancehall (I’m still up in the air as to who is the current king) – Cham and Mavado on a Madhouse produced riddim.

Well well, what do we have here, Cham AKA Baby Cham is on a heavy comeback. This is his second colab with one of the genres heavy hitters, this time with Mavado. If you haven’t heard the Cham and Jnr Gong tune ‘Fighter’, have a listen, it’s a banger.

Cham is back and boy is he making noise. I’m not 100% sure if Cham has been away or had even stopped recording, but to be honest, he hasn’t made much of an impact since ‘Ghetto Story’ in 2006. However this is a welcome return.

As for Mavado, he hasn’t been anywhere and he won’t be going anywhere, fingers crossed.

I had to give this tune a few listens, as at the first spin I wasn’t sure about it. To me that is disappointing. I like 99% of what Mavado touches and I thought he was the weak link on this track. The hook is a little weak at first listen, but Mavado has been on both the lovers and slackness tip quite a lot of late and he actually does both well.

As the the tune progresses and Cham drops his first verse, any thought of this being a weak release disappears. Cham is as good as Busy Signal at giving any tune a sort of gruffness. He has that flow that makes even a love song sound slightly thug.

This is not one of Mavado’s best lyrical moments, but then again, it’s still pretty good and his verses are tight as usual (Mavado has made me even give Nikki Minaj a second chance, but I will never touch that joint he did with Drake). I will say this though, without Cham this would have been an average effort from the Gully God. Never the less I’m sure it will be in my playlist for a few weeks.

Bless Up.

Danny Two Chains