Bless up NiceUp for approaching me for Crucial Selection and big up to the Aotearoa sound systems and massive!

I have so many favourites so it’s really tough to pick just one, but I am strongly drawn to the Jahtarian Dubbers series. I really dig the whole series but Vol. 2 is the one I’ve picked for my Crucial Selection!

Jahtarian Dubbers Vol. 2 was released in March 2010 and immediately became one of my firm favourites. I felt the sound was both nostalgic and contemporary at the same time. There is still a traditional reggae ‘structure’ to the songs but the instrumentation is from a wide variety of digital sounds, enriched with both a throbbing dubstep bass and nostalgic Atari game sounds sprinkled on top of it all. This crazy cocktail creates a wonderful contrast between the dread and subby basslines and the playful, bouncy, uplifting Atari blips and chirps. To top it off the compelling 8-bit game style is reflected in the brilliant cover artwork.

There are quite a few treasured tunes that as a DJ I’ve thrashed over the years.

International Farmer from Pupajim struck a strong chord in the local farming community, who kept requesting it time after time. It was not unusual to see gumboots inna the dance!

We Will Destroy Your Planet from Jahtari Riddim Force with its tasty astral minimalist sound reminded me of my cherished hometown dubber Geemel.

Citadel Station from the main man Disrupt with its captivating crushed casio keyboard sound has a delightful humorist fairground feel to it.

The album gets better and takes on a whole new dimension hearing the tunes on a big rig sound system. The super-heavy sub bass with lighter 8-bit sounds dancing above, gives it a positive and uplifting vibe! Highly addictive, highly recommended!

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