Curtis Lynch

Dubbed as the UK’s answer to King Jammy, Curtis Lynch is the founder and key producer of the Necessary Mayhem label. Launched in April 2006 in London, the label began with a vision of being totally independent of record company involvement, allowing for complete creative control not only for the label manager, but also for the lyrical and musical direction of the artists involved.

Modeled off and inspired by labels such as Coxsone, Jammys and Musicworks to name but a few of the greats, Necessary Mayhem brings together diverse and cutting edge talent in their musicians, DJ’s, mix engineers, mastering and cutting, and of course, their artists. The focus of the label is to make great music, and in doing so, make great artists who can inspire another generation of people to keep the music alive.

Having history and experience of not only producing but also working for and with major and independent record companies has helped Lynch to make Necessary Mayhem one of the UK and Europe’s most successful and current labels. They have worked with some of the world’s biggest artists including the Gorillaz, Alicia Keys, Etana, Tippa Irie, Topcat, Shola Ama, Brinsley Forde (formerly of Aswad), and legendary producer Gussie Clarke.

With records flying off the shelves and consistent best sellers in the reggae charts (March 2010 – five songs in Choice FM Top 20), the label continues to grow and expand and now has two off-shoots – Necessary Classics and Maroon. The crew also tours the UK, Europe and the West Indies regularly and are looking to reach Aotearoa shores to bring the vibes to the Pacific!

More info:
Necessary Mayhem website

Respect to Curtis Lynch for his Top Ten producers.

1. Gussie Clarke (Musicworks)

2. King Jammys (Jammys)

3. Channel One (Channel One)

4. Joe Gibbs (Joe Gibbs)

5. Donovan Germain (Penthouse)

6. Dave Kelly (Madhouse)

7. Lee Perry (Black Ark)

8. Winston Riley (Techniques)

9. Coxsone (Studio One)

10. Duke Reid (Treasure Isle)