Frankly, any release on Royal Order Music ought to be noted at this point, as Chronixx has certainly proven his ability to not only deliver hits but also make tastes.

Eesah – first featured on smooth-burner “Perfect Trees”, off the label boss’ well-received Roots & Chalice mixtape – has been steadily putting out tracks while remaining relatively under the radar. That should change for him now, as working with a funky groove rather than a sparse riddim does wonders for the fresh “Tell No Lie.”

Preaching upon perils via parables, Eesah’s delivery is as entrancing as comparable contemporaries like Micah Shemaiah or Kabaka Pyramid. Animals feature heavily within the lyrics: donkeys that cry, monkeys that don’t lie, parrots that talk, and lions that only idiots would shake. Maxims do as well, with lines like ‘ya fooled me once, can’t fool me twice because me wiser than before’ spit with fierce confidence.

Fortunately, no analysis is needed from me, since Eesah thoughtfully provides a breakdown of the tune in its entirety, explaining ‘the method behind the lyrics.’ Wish more artists took the time to do this on their own terms.

Yet it’s the production that successfully elevates this single from catchy to memorable, via the opening ‘Yabby, Yabby You’ reference and continued role of the vocal counterpoint, the subtly stellar guitar and key work, and the tough rhythm section. Timely echoes and chops appear to ready the track for a dancehall near you. Quality throughout, without a doubt.

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