As a foundation artist, the name Freddie McGregor has been synonymous with reggae music for a half a century. He has had a steady career as a singer, producer and musician and has brought reggae fans many popular tunes such as ‘Big Ship’, ‘Just Don’t Want to be Lonely’ and ‘Natural Collie’. Some listeners of modern reggae may recognise the name of his son,  Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor, who has been responsible for many popular Dancehall Riddims in recent times.

Now in a new age of reggae and dancehall, Freddie has dropped a new album titled ‘Di Captain’. The first single from the recent release is the socially concious ‘Bagga Hype’. The tune carries the warm
traditional reggae vibe for which Freddie is well known and lyrically
it deals with the attitude of some youth – “Some of the youth, they
don’t live right”, he sings in his smooth signature style. “They walk
around with a big bag of hype”. He continues, “They walk around and
say respect due, but dem nah have none for me and you”… a crucial
message, to say the least.

The video was filmed in JA and features footage of day to day life in
modern Kingston. This clip shows how the positive lifestyle which the
island offers can be upset by damaging and pernicious behaviour – an
age old warning which appears often in concious reggae and dancehall music.

This is a highly recomended concious roots reggae cut. I’m looking
forward to the local roots selectors picking it up and running it at
local reggae dances here in Aotearoa. It is inspiring to hear this
reggae icon still putting together great albums and dropping concious
music to affect the next generation in a positive fashion. Check out
the video online and give the album a spin too – its a gem.

More info:
Freddie McGregor – VP Records
Freddie McGregor on Facebook

Winston Smith