From the first moment I heard Jah Cure I was instantly a fan. Not since the great Gregory Issacs has there been such a powerful voice in the lover’s rock sub-genre. This man is a genius and I am surprised he hasn’t made more of an impact on the mainstream.

I first heard him with Sizzla on ‘King in this Jungle’. This tune is still as relevant today as it was almost 20 years ago. He has released three absolutely classic albums that were produced in prison after he was wrongly incarcerated, as well as three others since his release in 2007. I feel the only thing to ever let ‘Siccature Alcock’ down were the guest artists on his tracks. With the upcoming release of his latest album ‘The Cure’, Jah Cure has released three singles from the album, including ‘Life We Live’.

Produced by Island Record’s legendary Clive Hunt and Llamar “Riff Raff” Brown, this tune encompasses ‘roots reggae and lover’s rock with pop infused elements’. With what sounds like a tuned-out steel drum and rolling Peckings-esque baseline, this tune fits with Jah Cure like hand in glove. The instrumental alone is enough to make anyone with half a heart feel good instantly. Add Jah Cure’s lyrical joyfulness to the mix and we can hear that this man was born to sing on this tune.

Although Jah Cure’s lyrics can revolve around the negatives going on in his island nation and to his people, this tune is nothing but sunshine and positivity, it actually gave me shivers the first time I truly listened to it. It is by no means a party starter, but it would have no problems getting a crowd up skanking and dipping.

A fantastic feel-good video to accompany this release sees a smiling Jah Cure in the tray of an ites coloured landrover cruising a picturesque JA coastline. Try as you might you can’t help but feel the happiness of the multi-racial characters pulled in to make this simple video brilliant.

Even before hearing this tune I have been waiting on the release of Jah Cure’s latest album, and expect another classic from the man known as ‘Jah’s Cure’.

‘Turn the world off and turn the music on, just light up another one, relax and just close your eyes’.

Life We Live


King in this Jungle

Bless Up!
Danny Two Chains