‘Righteousness we after.’

Whether or not dancehall is inherently tropical in sound, the vibe on ‘We Bless’ ensures that the outernational island connection between New Zealand and Jamaica is firmly established within the sonic palette, from producer Grafta.

Vocally, Jah Red Lion and Qualliti combine to craft an entrancing bubbler of a tune. It’s smooth enough to nice up the dance, yet tough enough to push it to a frenzy.

For a genre often in need of lyrical positivity, they definitely deliver with a clear message for the youths: ‘stop kill yourself over vanity.’ Subtly styled with Rastafarian imagery, ‘we Jah bless for we pure and clean; rise up the banner red, gold, and green’, there’s a lot to appreciate beneath the glossy veneer.

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We Bless on Spotify
Grafta SoundCloud
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