Eschewing much of the rootikal framework of his debut Lily of da Valley, in 2020 Jesse Royal simply slays with wisdom atop a hypnotizing hip-hop-infused beat.

Ostensibly the second single off his forthcoming second album – following “LionOrder featuring Protoje”, which dropped in May 2019 – “Natty Pablo” is equally on point while trading in the dread for the dancefloor.

I originally posted this on Facebook – yes, I do have ‘Natty Pablo’ on repeat, thanks for checking in. Crucial, catchy Jesse Royal – and little has changed since then. The hook is infectious, mumbling along allowed at first, although the clarity of Royal’s positive message ought not to be lost among the juxtaposition of Narcos with Rastafarians:

‘Ain’t nothin’ like the Narco, tell me where we can go; with this contraband and all the cargo; they call him Natty Pablo, they call him Natty Pablo, Kilimanjaro.’

Between sound system salutes, a Dutty Bookman name-drop, the condemnation of the government, and a celebration of the efforts of the righteous individual – there’s plenty here no matter how deeply you want to appreciate it.

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