Kahn is one half of Gorgan sound and part of the seminal Bristol based Young Echo collective. His collaboration with Neek is the first release 12″ record on the recently surfaced Bandulu label.

This is an absolute killer 8-bar grime crossover tune that has been heard everywhere from DMZ to Sub Dub and probably all around the world by now, along with many of Kahn’s hefty productions over the last three years on labels like Box Clever and Punch Drunk.

To me Percy feels like something Vex’d and Plastician would make. something of a true grime instrumental pulsing with spooky analogue beats and gritty bass-tones. Almost a snapshot of true 2005 crossover grime warped forward in time through a dark urban tunnel in to the year 2012.

The cover art on this thing is absolutely stunning, a hand etched illustration of a dead soundboys dubplate suitcase is as amusing as the MC spitting his exaggerated hype chat during the tune while a skeleton sits smoking and drinking on top of the suitcase coffin.

Kahn is a highly rated producer that is not afraid to dirty things up but still deliver some serious air pushing productions of all different styles. But really it comes as no surprise – Bristol still holds some of the most forward thinking, timeless sounds in Bass music as a whole and Young Echo Collective are another prime example. The flip side of this is equally as good.

P-Vans (Strictly 138 Crew, Wellington)

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