(Wisdom 7)
Lets not mince our words, Max Romeo has been responsible for some classics and some stinkers, right across the board. This is one of his corkers, however it is not as well known as his tracks on the ‘War Inna Babylon’ LP and other material for Lee Scratch Perry.

As far as I know this tune was re-issued maybe five or six years ago on the Impact label. If horns and harmonies are your thing, then this is a tune for you. It has a nice full sound with great production. And a tune is always made better when it come with a proper version like this one.

Never trust what is written on a label of a record. I believe this is a Clive Chin production. I’m not sure if it made it onto long player but it is well worth grabbing a copy if you see it around.

Plattsie Onevoicerevivalsound (London)
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