(Pressure, 2018)

To start with a disclaimer, I am not well versed in the long history
of dancehall. But I do listen to a wide range of electronic music and
once again dancehall is coming through strongly as a core influence in
a wide variety of current production.

One of the key producers deeply influenced with dancehall is the Bug.
He has used this influence throughout his career, all of which I would
very much recommend checking out. Complimenting his production is an
incredible list of MCs and vocalists that has included Cutty Ranks,
Warrior Queen and Roger Robinson. On the Angels and Devils album Miss
Red joined the list with her appearance on Mi Lost.

Miss Red built on this by putting out the Murder mixtape, which was a
very impressive long form showcase for her rapid fire vocal delivery.
Murder was largely produced by the Bug and they continued to
collaborate over several EPs.

Now we have her first album proper, K.O. where the rapid fire delivery
is only getting better. She does this with great effect on tracks like
Shock Out, Dagga and Money Machine. At the same time she shows she is
equally comfortable in slowing things down on tracks like One Shot
Killer and Clouds. This culminates with Memorial Day where her
delivery becomes almost ethereal.

The Bug’s production works perfectly across all of this. K.O. shows
how a great ongoing collaboration has pushed both these artists
forward. I look forward to see what is next and ever hope that someone
brings them to Aotearoa. Earplugs may be necessary.

More info:
Miss Red website
The Bug Facebook

Dr. Nick