RSD, perhaps better known as Bristol bass and drum music stalwart Rob Smith (one half of respected production duo Smith and Mighty), has been pushing bass heavy rhythms for more than two decades.

Under the moniker RSD, Rob Smith produces fresh, innovative bass music that simultaneously pays dues to his deep sound system roots while pushing things ever forward.

From his musical beginnings playing guitar in local roots reggae band Restriction, Rob’s music has always had a strong dub aesthetic. Forming the, now legendary, production duo Smith and Mighty with collaborator Ray Mighty in 1987, the pair’s early releases on the Three Stripe label were influential in laying the groundwork for both the trip hop and jungle scenes for which Bristol would become renowned.

A period of chart success and major label involvement in the early nineties was followed by a return to their underground roots for Smith and Mighty. During this time they worked with Peter D. Rose to release groundbreaking music on their More Rockers imprint. Rob Smith also went on to collaborate with local roots reggae producers Henry and Louis.

Rob Smith has found a new home in 2009, as RSD. With releases on respected labels including Punch Drunk, Earwax and Tectonic, RSD’s sound is typified by impossibly heavy sound system testing sub-lines and junglist dub breaks.

The NZ massive can catch RSD in WGTN (Thurs 19), Dunedin (Fri 20) and AKLD (Weds 25).

Respect to RSD for his Top Ten current reggae/dubstep tracks for March 2009.

1. Lion Dub feat Jah Dan – Heartbroken – Noah D remix (forthcoming on Earwax)

2. Chasing Shadows – It Was Written (Dubplate.. forthcoming on HENCH..?)

3. Mungo’s Hi Fi – Babylon (Scrub a Dub)

4. O.G & Spikey T – Love Love – L Que & J Red remix (Dubplate)

5. Evergreen & Landlord feat Dan Man – Jah Rain (Ranking Records)

6. Henry & Louis – Rise Up – Pinch Remix (forthcoming on 2Kings)

7. DJG – Late Night Blues (Dubplate)

8. Unknown – Ninja we Ninja (white)

9. Unknown – Murderation (Loveisthekey)

10. Mungo’s Hi Fi – Dub Plate Fi Dem (Scrub a Dub)


(Photo from Relaxmax)