An intriguing vinyl four-track of heavyweight jungle out of Australia, this debut from the Run It Red label (operated by LQ of Echo Chamber Sound) pairs the expected amen breaks with plenty of dub-fueled vibes.

LQ links up with Midnight Dubs for the potent “Broader Than Broadway.” It eases in, with hazy samples and bouncy bass, plus a siren or two. Eventually, the track cascades into a full-on percussive frenzy; a success, freshness intertwined with the vintage. Entering upon the rewind – an appropriate choice from Time Travel – whose “Jazz Lick” works thick low-end, deft cuts, and a wicked sample until its conclusion.

The b-side belongs to Bukkha, expanding beyond his typical 140 for the shimmering melodies and throwback drums and bass of “My Jungle Luv.” The bassline punctuates while the careful chopping showcases a thoughtfully lush ode to a previous musical era. LQ returns with a refix to wrap up the release; more cavernous than the original, ‘the East Coast jungle’ from down under strips back before unleashing.

Currently still available via the label’s Bandcamp, as well as Redeye, although copies are limited.

More info:
Echo Chamber SoundCloud
Echo Chamber Bandcamp

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