Me Alone

Di Genius Records

Renowned dancehall producer Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor, whose own solo artist career has gone from strength to strength in recent years, has kicked off the year with a sharp single speaking to the current state of the music industry in Jamaica – ‘Me Alone’.

Better known for transforming the sound of dancehall since the mid-2000s, Stephen has dabbled on the roots tip more recently. ‘Me Alone’ rides on a strong upbeat reggae rhythm in this vein.

The tune decries a number of worrying trends in the industry, namely the decline in quality and ‘pay for play’ practices that distort the reggae music business. Equally, Di Genius points out strengths in Jamaican music and the reasons to remain hopeful the industry can correct its path.

Easily one of the early out stand out tunes of 2013, ‘Me Alone’ has attracted a lot of interest and airplay. It also continues to cement Di Genius’ legacy as far more than just a dancehall producer.

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