Rasta Never Give Up

(Sky High 7)

Hiding just under the better known, big money tunes, are a lot of one-a-way roots tunes that are still very affordable and of a very high quality. These are the tunes I am picking up more and more. Let the rich boys fight over rare tunes that everyone knows, I’m happy picking up these peaches.

This is a great example of mid-tempo, driving roots. It has a lovely sound and tight instrumental with great vocal and harmonies. It is also superb dubwise which really makes it the complete package.

There is also a version of the tune (very similar) by the Mighty Randells called ‘Love Rastafari and Live’ on the MCM label. The problem with these kinds of tunes is that I don’t know too much about them, studio, players etc, but just take my word for it. There are plenty doing the rounds, they just take a bit of looking for.

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