(Bongo Man 7)

During my heavy collecting days, I always got a great deal of pleasure from picking up the lesser-known Studio One tunes. It seems strange to me that with all these Studio One/Coxsone compilations coming out, there are a number of superb mid-70s roots numbers that appear to be under the radar, so to speak.

Noel Campbell – ‘Sufferation’, Mellow Larks – ‘Burning Fire’, El Tibby – ‘Stepping Into Zion’, The Nightingales – ‘What a Situation’ and ‘Jahovia’, The Willows – ‘Send Another Moses’, and so the list goes on. I always think that some time, someone will put out a compilation of these tunes, but alas we tend to get the same tracks. Good, but all well heard.

Like many of these less-heard tracks, ‘Glory For I’ is a slow and heavy burner. It has great harmonies, vocals, and lyrics, almost like you are being directly preached at. Think of a history lesson on a really good riddim! It is similar in sound to other tunes of that period, and the versions are better than a lot of Studio One tunes as well.

I don’t think this is a massive money tune either. It would seem that you never know what tunes will be re-issued, so maybe it will turn up soon. Failing that, as soon as I sort out my audio issues, I may put together my own podcast with this and other tunes on!

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