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Out on 7” as well as digital, “Dancehall Ram Up” is ready to satisfy discerning skankers, not only in the dance but surely also at home. This is the third release from New Zealand’s impressive Red Robin label – which continues to craft its own clearly defined sound.

The dark, minor-toned track, billed as “unexpected” and a limited edition release, features another wise pairing of Naram alongside Tippa Lee. The former’s 80s-fueled production twists lines of bubbling bass together with haunting melodies. The latter’s staccato style works very well here, punching through the instrumentation to great effect.

Lyrically this is boastful through and through, as Tippa Lee makes clear his ability to run things in the dance. With vibes flung about and riddims rode, he remains tight in the pocket from verse to chorus and back again.

It should go without saying, but don’t skip out on the “Boss Riddim.” It lets this gem of a groove shine, in contrast to the usual dubs put out by Red Robin; selectors, find a vocal talent near you.

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